Trampolining is an exciting and fun way of improving strength, stamina and co-ordination.

Students are taught how to bounce correctly and land safely. They learn how to perform individual moves with the correct technique and how to link these together to create sequences and routines

As safety is our primary concern, we ensure safety procedures are adhered to before any trampolining takes place.

Somersaults and other high difficulty moves are not taught until all fundamental skills are achieved and performed consistently.

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7+ Yrs

Class Focus:

After the basic moves are taught, trampolinists are endlessly challenged with progressively more difficult routines. Children will develop their bodies, minds and characters by working through their Jump for Joy badge award scheme and course syllabus. This course will also include areas of advanced gymnastics in order to enhance trampolining skills

SAT 15:00 – 16:00
French International School (FIS)